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HOWO trucks delivered to Solomon in batches(photo)
Subordinate section:Company news   Release time:2014-11-17 21:43

SINOTRUK has recently delivered dozens of green-painted HOWO trucks to Solomon's customer in batches in Jinan. The customer representative received a huge golden key representing cooperation and wealth from Yang Zhengxu of SINOTRUK Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Since 2014, the Southeast Asia and Oceania Department of SINOTRUK Import & Export Co., Ltd. has kept intensifying market development and expanding the development scope, thus achieving good results in an array of island countries in the South Pacific. Delivering the 35 heavy-duty trucks, 3 trailers and 1 coach, and reaching the intent on the follow-up order for dozens of units have opened a new chapter for longstanding cooperation between SINOTRUK and the key accounts from Solomon, laying a solid foundation for the further development and maintenance of SINOTRUK's Solomon market.


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